Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was originally compiled on the orders of Alfred the Great at the end of the 9th century. It was intended to be a list of important dates, and was maintained and updated until the 12th century. The chronicle was written in Old English, with the exception of one copy which was also partly written in Latin.

As an historical source, anything written in them before the mid 9th century must be treated as hearsay.

There are ten manuscripts known to have survived, some of which have notable differences. With their conventional designation these are:

A-Prime: The Parker Chronicle (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS. 173)

A: Cottonian Fragment (British Museum, Cotton MS. Otho B xi, 2)

B: The Abingdon Chronicle I (British Museum, Cotton MS. Tiberius A vi.)

C: The Abingdon Chronicle II (British Museum, Cotton MS. Tiberius B i.)

D: The Worcester Chronicle (British Museum, Cotton MS.Tiberius B iv.)

E: The Laud (or "Peterborough") Chronicle (Bodleian, MS.Laud 636)

F: The Bilingual Canterbury Epitome (British Museum, Cotton MS. Domitian A viii.)

H: Cottonian Fragment (British Museum, Cotton MS. Domitian A ix.)

I: An Easter Table Chronicle (British Museum, Cotton MS.Caligula A xv.)

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