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The Angevin Plantagenets were a line of the English Monarchs who held significant lands in Anjou, France. The line started with Henry II and ended with Richard II .

The line was supposedly descended from a count of Anjou, who met and married a beautiful woman called Melusine. She gave him children, and appeared faithful, but it was noticed that she did not attend Church regularly, and when she did, she avoided the Mass. On a day, several of the count's liegemen surrounded her and forced her to remain, whereupopn, with an ungodly scream, she tore herself away, transformed into a serpentine half-draconine creature, with wings, and flew away. She had been (either) a water-fay or a female-devil, and accordingly inacapable of remaining where the Host was. She was never seen again, but thereafter it was said that there was a devil's blood in the Anjou line, which explained why Henry II and his sons were so belligenerant towards each other, and why they intermittently broke into uncontrollable rages when their will was thwarted.