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The Ancient and Honorable Household of Adlersburg is an SCA household that was started by Sir Alrick von Baeker at some point in the mid-1970s. It really began to blossom in the early 1980s when Sir Alrick and his family came to the new Principality of Drachenwald.

At one point, the Household numbered about 100 mailing addresses and published a quarterly newsletter ("The Adler") as well as an annual "Green Book" listing all of the household members. It had one service award called "The Eagle's Feather", for outstanding service to the Household.

The Household developed communication problems and began to come apart in the 1990s. It was salvaged by The Honorable Lord Sov᮹ Barcsi Jᮯs, whom Sir Alrick had appointed his heir in 1988. Invoking the heirship, he rebuilt the Household with as many members as could be found and released all Household officers. Eventually, Baron Sir Alrick was found and rejoined the Household.

All former members of the Household are welcome to rejoin, but no new members are currently being sought. Anyone who would like to get back in touch with Adlersburg should visit its list at

The Household of Adlersburg is spread throughout the Known World and is best known for its service to the SCA.

Subsidiary Households

  • The Household of Csikós Ló is a part of the Household of Adlersburg, led by Lord Jᮯs. It is currently based in Atlantia.