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Hey Tiff, good to see you found the new server. I'll make you an admin again now that you've got an account here. - Tobin 23:55 3 Jul 2003 (EST)

Hi Tiff! Good to see you're still around. I was starting to wonder where you'd gotten to. - Tobin

<sticks tounge out>

I was probably doing work (shock horror!)


I simply expanded the write ups already in the database. They were languishing and listed under the 'short articles' list.

You yourself are more than welcome to add the heraldric crap, but if someone hadn't created the writeup in the 1st place I would never have changed it.

As for 'stickchick' I wish I could delete such crap things in the 1st place.

Finally - this is a wiki, it means anyone can change and do anything. deal.

-Mr 'too good to sign my name'

Good work on 12th Century life and the other "12th Century..." pages. They make for interesting reading. I've expanded the page titles. There is also a topic on the Village pump about a nicer way of doing footnotes, which will (should?) work with older versions of Netscape. - Tobin


I started splitting up Category:Groups (SCA) into sub categories when I started thinking about the way we name categories. I'd appreiciate your thoughts on Cunnan talk:Categorization. - Tobin 16:31, 28 Dec 2004 (CST)


Warning! I have taken youer name in vain.

On the new Cunnan:Projects page I have listed you as a participant in the 12th Century life project, based on your contributions to that project so far. If you don't wish to be listed there please remove your name. Conrad Leviston 03:46, 10 Aug 2005 (CDT)


Hi Tiff, <Maxwell Smart mode one>You beat me by .... this much<mode off> on skirt. :^) - Cian Gillebhrath