War of the Trillium

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The War of the Trillium is an annual SCA event held in Ealdormere on the Canada Day long weekend. Hosted by the Canton of Ardchreag the event has undergone many changes throughout its lifetime. Originally begun as Septentrian War Practice, it was changed to Ealdormere War Practice (or, as it was more normally called, EWP). In 2005, the event stewards maintained that the kingdom had had enough practice, and that it was time for the real deal. Originally envisioned as an annual "civil war", the War of the Trillium, (also called the Trillium War or just "Trillies") was born.

The event, named after the War of the Roses, is a camping event that usually lasts between four and five days. Usual activities include armoured combat, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, merchanting and bardic circles. House Galbraith celebrated its anniversary at Trillium and used to host a large party on the Saturday night of the event.

A theme is generally picked for each year (such as Early Period vs. Late Period), with energetic members of the kingdom's populace selected to act as leaders for each side. Mistress AElfwyn of Longwood, the Captain of the Early Period in 2005, was especially enthusiastic, making campaign posters plastered about the event site, singing slogans and actively campaigning for supports.

The event was always traditionally held at Heber Down Conservation Area in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, except for 2003 and 2004, when it had to move to nearby Orono due to booking conflicts. In 2013 it moved to the Eaglewood Campground in Pefferlaw, Ontario. In 2014 the event again moved to Orono where it has remained to the current day (2018).

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