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Tent Stitch Slip Applied to Velvet Ground Outlined in Gold Thread

Slips were small motifs, often animals, flowers and insects, that were stitched using tent stitch on linen and then cut out and applied to more expensive fabrics such as velvet and silk. The slips were then outlined using couching with gold thread, to produce a neatened finish. This was a popular embroidery technique for producing household furnishings such as cushions, hangings and bed ware.

Slips in the SCA

The image shown at right is believed to be the device of the Lochac Order of Grace ( Gules, a hind courant Or between three mullets of six points argent). The matter is in some doubt because the online heraldic database doesn't list the actual order name in its entry for this device, but the local heralds are pretty sure that's what it is.