Sapphire (Maplet)

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This is the entry for sapphire from Maplet's A Greene Forest

Of the Sapphir.

The Sapphir is Skie coloured or blew, like to the Skie in the most fair weather. It is one of the Noblest and royall sorts amongst al Gemmes, and most meete to be worne onely upon Kings and Princes fingers. This is for his soveraigntie of the Lapidare, is called the Gemme of Gemmes. It is found most especially in Indie, although that sometimes, otherwhere. Cardane sayth that it is next and above the Adamant in reputation: first or last in the degree of those Gemmes that be noble and precious: he sayth also, it is good (if it be not otherwise overlaide) to the eiesight, and that nothing in the whole worlde, doth mroe recreate or delight the eies than the Smaradge & Sapphir doe. Albertus Magnus saith, that he hath proved it twice, that with the onely touching of this precious stone, the partie so diseased, hath been rid of the grievous sore the Carbuncle. It is mervelously effectuous against al venome. Wherefore, if put a Spider into a Box, and upon the mouth of the Box, being shut, thou layest the true Sapphir and keepe the Spider but a verieshorte time within the same, the Spider being vanquished and overcome by such mean and close vertue dieth sodainly. In olde time it was consecrated onle to Apollo: for the which they thought their business in Warres and affaires at home might be sooner ended, if through such means they had enriched and honoured him, who by Oracle in all things as those which were waightiest made onely the aunswere.