Rue (Maplet)

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This is the entry for Rue in Maplet's A Greene Forest

Of Rue

Rue is called the Medicinable Herbe: and especially there where as effective heate is found. For it is sayd to be most whote. There is hereof both that of the Gardaine, and of the field. They say that in this Herbe it is taught us, how the envenoming of Serpents may be holpen: for that such things living as have a doe with Serpents, doe first arm themselves with this Herbe, before they encounter wyth them. Plinie sayth, that the Weasell having well knowen the effect and force of this Herbe, at the meeting of the Cockatrice (having first eaten hereof) goeth forth quietly, and encountereth with him, and so vanquisheth him.