Quince (Maplet)

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This is the entry for Quince from Maplet's A Greene Forest

Of the Quince tree.

The Quince tree is in Latin call Cydonia Malus of Cydon a certaine towne in Crete. Cato was the first that called it Cotonea, for that his Apple or fruite is all over apparailed with a certain kinde of wooll called Coton. With the Germaines it is called Quittenbaum. Amongst the Germaines it is most rife, and groweth in colde and moyst places. Manye thinke that this is that fruit which the Poets call golden Apple: In Greeke Chrusomela. Lonicer sayth, that the iuyce of the raw Quince helpeth him that have their winde or breath stopped: and which have no good digestion in meate taking.