Pearl (Maplet)

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This is the entry for pearl from Maplet's A Greene Forest.

Of the Margaret

The Margaret of all Gemmes, those which be in their kindes white, is esteemed the chiefest: as Isidore consenteth, with others herein. Which kinde he will also have thus names, for that it is founde growing in the meate of certaine shel fishes, and those of the Sea, and in the Sea Snaile, and in the greatest Oyster, and such like as have their shell. It is engendered of a certaine heavenly dewe, which in a certaine time of the yeare, both the Sea Snaile and the Cockle do e take and drink up. Of the which kinde of stone certaine are called Unions, for that by one: there be some of these also seene somtimes yellow, but the other are the verie best.