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Ochs (translation: Ox) is a term used to describe a type of high guard or ward in historical swordfighting although it also is applied to a lower spear ward.


In the Liechtenauer tradition this ward may be taken up with the Longsword on the right or the left hand side. It is one of the Vier Leger.

The right ochs is taken up by having the left foot forward, both hands on the hilt with the long edge facing outwards and slightly up on an angle. The hilt should be held at the level of the head with the blade forward and slightly down from parallel to the ground to threaten an opponent’s face.


There is an analogous ward for the spear from the von Danzig and Ringeck descriptions of the Liechtenauer tradition. There is no left version of the ward.

Ochs with the spear is taken up by holding the spear with two hands (palms outward) and held above the head. The body should be side-on with the left leg forward.