Iron (Maplet)

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This is the entry for iron from Maplet's A Greene Forest

Of Iron.

Iron in Latin is called a feriendo Ferrum, for that through his hardnesse it stryketh, molifieth, and bringeth under all kind of metals. This kinde according to the manifold difference of of earthes and quarters of the earth, is diversely called. It is engendered (as Aristotle sayth) of Quicksilver verie grosse, nothing pure, unclean, as earthie. In composition whereof there is more of the Brimstone: so that through the temperature of cold which is in the Quicksilver, of the drought and earth, which is in the other, it is so wrought & compact on that wise. Iron through bloud touching wareth rustie, and getting within him, can scarcely, or not at al, be rid of it, corupting within otherwise. Rust therefore is nothing else but a defaulte and an offence in uncleannesse and impurenesse of any substance, whether it commeth eyther by fellowship and placing next to the earth, or through any yll qualitie of mans bloud, or of moyst and infectuous vapour. As Isidore recordeth. Of Iron Mans bloud issoonest revenged, for that by nothing so soone, Iron is brought to his corruption. It hath a naturall amitie with the Adamant (as we before mentioned) draweth it to it and this last followeth and obeyeth. There is a certaine Iron which is for the most part white, which if buried a certaine spacein a Vessel eyther of Wine or Milke, remedieth diseases in the Splene, & is otherwise availeable. If you go to use and wade no further, this kinde of Metall is principall amongst the rest, which thing necessities teacheth, and is the best proufe: which we also doe appreove then, when as we constrayned and driven to Weapon and Armourie: for without thys coulde wee neither be quiet at home amongst our selves, neyther coulde wee keepe off, from our Countrie borders and limits, other our outward enimies. Further (to stay to ourselves in things at home and not to seeke other) there could be no mans Arte practised, no commoditie had by occupation & science: further not so much as the earth could be either sowen or reaped to any increase without this. Therefore in this behalfe it mought be called all graine and fruites Nurse.