Henry the Young King

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Henry, (referred to as The Young King) was second son to Henry II of England, his elder brother, William, dying aged 3. He was born in 1155, betrothed and married in 1160 to Margaret, daughter of Louis VII of France (despite that fact that their marriage was supposed to have taken palce later, but there were these castles, in the dowry, that Henry senior ugently wanted to take possession of), and crowned as co-King with his father in 1170. Louis also took exception to the coronation -- Margaret hadn't been crowed Queen at the same time, and the Church celebrant had been the Archbishop of York, not of Canterbury (who was Thomas Becket, then in exile in France. Henry therefore replaced Becket with a new Archbishop, and re-enacted the coronation at Winchester in 1172, including Margaret this time.

Henry the Young King proved a problem though :: the truth was, he was very conscious of the status he thought he ought to have. He commented that he was better than his father because he was son of a king, while Henry II's father, Geoffrey, had merely been Count of Anjou. He also wanted lands of his own to govern, which his father didn't want to happen, since he could see the possibility of his empire being severed. So, with the help of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and on a pretext to do with control of acstles (again), the Young King started a revolt, and drew his younger brothers Richard and John into it as well. The dispute lasted for over a decade, and in 1183 he died in Turenne, leaving no child (his son, William, had died after 3 days) and a widow, who went on to marry Bela III of Hungary in 1185 (she died in 1197 in Acre in the Holy Land)