Henbane (Maplet)

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This is the entry for henbane from Maplet's A Greene Forest.

Of Henbane.

Henbane, hath the name to be cause of madnesse or furie: Isidore sayth, that it killeth and bindeth the spirittes: The Herbe it selfe hath a top or small heade. In olde time, upon the Crowne or Myter of the high Priest stoode a flower right up on the top, not much unlike this Hearbe, about a finger in heigth, supereminent, & underneath this, in the lower part of the garland or Myter, round about his Temple or Forehed, there was a golden circle in three sortes ordered, and set upon, the which stoode with yealow flowers from one side to another. We must gather that something was figured hereby, and that the high Priest or Bishops were not on this wise ordered for nought.