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In heraldry a goutte is a charge in the shape of a drop of liquid. As with the roundel, the name of the goutte changes depending on the tincture. Note that if there is a semé of gouttes, instead of saying semé of gouttes d'eau, we would say either goutte d'eau or goutty d'eau.

Tincture Name Meaning Image
Or Goutte d'Or Drops of Gold Goutte dor.PNG
Argent Goutte d'eau Water Drops Goutte deau.PNG
Azure Goutte des Larmes Tear Drops Goutte des larmes.PNG
Gules Goutte de Sang Drops of Blood Goutte de sang.PNG
Sable Goutte de poix Drops of Tar Goutte de poix.PNG
Vert Goutte de Huile Drops of (Olive) Oil Goutte dhuile.PNG
Purpure Goutte de Vin Drops of Wine Goutte de vin.PNG

Throughout most of SCA period, the only gouttes are Goutte de Sang. Several Renaissance heraldic treatises state that red is the only colour that gouttes come in. John Guillim's A Display of Heraldry in 1610 mentions a few goutte variations:

  • "Gutte de sang"
  • "Gutte de larmes"
  • "Gutte de Eau"
  • "Gutte de Poix"
  • "Gutte de Or"

In the SCA, you can use a specialized goutte name for any colour.