Garlic (Maplet)

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This is the entry for garlic from Maplet's A Greene Forest.

Of Garlick

Garlick, hath his name of his strong and unpleasant smell: bicause it smelleth saith Isidore so strongly, and with that so lothsomly, that it taketh away, & bereaveth for a time the good and sweete smell of all other things. The best that it hath, is that it is good of encrease. For everie and eche coate of his (those I call coates which are as it were on both their sides behemmed and parted, and are as it were in severall corners of the house, but yet in house and so by that meanes all one) set in the Gardaine or otherwhere, will soone come up and much prosper. Which thing the Onyon as Aristotle sayth, halteth in: for that is set onely by whole heades, & so commeth up or else not.