Fennel (Maplet)

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This is the entry for fennel from Maplet's A Greene Forest.

Of Fenkell

Fenkell is an Herbe of the Gardaine and fielde common to them both, but not so common, as effectuous. The Latine word signifieth, that it should be sharper of the eiesight, & Diascorides also sayth, that the juice of this Herbes roote quickeneth the eyes. It is also called of the Greekes Marathron. Plinie(as also Isidore in his .xvii. booke saith) that the verie Serpents (if nothing else did) were sufficient to Noble & to cause this kinde to be well reckened of, for that through the onely taste or eating hereof, they shake off many sicknesses, and thereby keepe away, or of from them weake & olde age.