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A heraldic consultation table is an area set up at an SCA event where heralds are on hand to help out the populace. The primary goal is to help people with names and devices. Some consultation tables will accept submission forms and payments, others just help you find the information you need so you can submit a name and device later.

The scale of a consultation can vary from one or two people with a folding table and some books, to a large-scale operation suce a Herald's Point at Pennsic that will provide heralds, artists, clerks, and cashiers, in order to process hundreds of applications over the couse of the event.

One of the advantages to a consultation table is access to heraldry and name books that the general populace does not have. It is a laid back way to explore heraldry, ask questions, and work on a name and device. It is also a way for new heralds to gain more experience in the field, as all that is required of them is to sit there and chat with other heralds until they are ready to do something more advanced.