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The Canton of Caern Fail or "Cairnfell" is a part of the SCA Barony of Stormhold, and it lies to the west of the central Barony along the roads known as the Princes Highway and the Western Highway (formerly the Dukes Highway). Apt names indeed to lead to a place so noble in spirit and endeavour.

The Canton is but recently formed, being the newest sub-group of the Barony, but already it has writ its name in the annals of the Barony, being famed for its feasts, games, archery and, of course, that (in)famous Caern Fail weather. Heavy fighting has been slow to take off in the group, but is now starting to emerge.

This correspondent heartily commends the 2-hour journey on excellent roads to visit this corner of the Known World where the warmth and consistency of the people is juxtaposed by the capricious, and oft-times, frigid, weather.

Major areas in Caern Fail

  • Ballarat

Most members here are playing through Stormhold at the moment. There is a little local activity, but you'd have to check their yahoo group for details.

With a Minor in

  • Bendigo, currently referring to themselves as "Cairnfell North"

Currently archery is being held in Lockwood on the second Sunday of the month, with A&S (arts and sciences) and boffer combat in central Bendigo on the fourth Sunday of the month. For times and addresses, please contact rosie_0801[at]yahoo[dot]com