Almond (Maplet)

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This is the entry for almond from Maplet's A Greene Forest

Of the Almond tree.

The Almond tree in Greeke is called Amygdale, in Latine Nux Longa, a long and straight forth kinde of Nutte. Of this Aristotle hath these wordes. The Almond tree sayeth he, requireth much attendance and diligence to be kept from andamaging and hurt, whilest it is tender and yong. It prospereth not unlesse it be set in good ground, in the which it yeldeth much fruite. It dyeth and fadeth away, whereas overmuch cold aboundeth. Wherefore his best liking is in those Countries whereas heate raigneth. It yieldeth two severall kindes of fruite, the one used to meate, the other onely to medicine. Diascorides sayth, that if the Fox happeneth to eate and digeste this kind of fruite, he by and by dyeth, except he licketh the water in the present place, and that immediatlye. It mayperadventure so be, for that which is wholsome and good for one kind, oftetimes is hurtfull for another. That same Author sayth also that that Almond tree which is most sweete of taste, if it be once bitten or gnawen of Cattell, it by and by looseth his goodnesse, and becommeth most bitter and sower.