Snowed Inn

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Since 2002, the Canton of Ardchreag has held a tournament (billed as a pas d?armes) at the beginning of the mundane year (in either January of February).

At first the canton asked a local SCA [[tournament company] the Company of the White Heart?to organize the tournament. In more recent years the canton has organized the tournaments themselves, basing the fighting activities on period tournaments.

The tournament has never really had a name, nor had the sword which has been the traditional prize.

The theme for the pas in 2006 (Feb AS XL) was Virtues vs. Vices. The venans were captained by seven fighters each representing a vice. (It should be noted that all past winners of the Snowed Inn tournament were on the side of the Vices.) The tenans (the Challengers) were led by seven fighters representing the Virtues. The Vices wore sashes and the Virtues bore garters.

Originally, the seven Vices were going to hold the field, and then decide?when their satisfaction had been met?which of the other fighters resent best suited each Virtue and thus be awarded with a garter. Due to time constraints the format changed to the above described melee.

Due to the Vices and Virtues theme, the King of Arms (Duke Sir Finnvarr) called the prize the Sword of Prowess, and this has now stuck.

The barrier usually plays a large part at Snowed Inn, with several types of challenges (spear, single sword, and so on).