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A rivet is a metal pin used for fastening. Discussed below are solid rivets.


  • Head: The head of a rivet is usually wider than the shank, and sits on one end of the rivet. It may be flat or rounded.
  • Shank: The shaft of the rivet.


Rivets come in a variety of materials, the most popular being steel. They can also be commonly found in copper, brass, and aluminum.


The rivet fastens together two or more objects. A hole is made through all objects that must be attached, and the rivet is inserted. The shank goes through the hole, with the head resting on the top-most object. The exposed shank is then peened to secure the rivet, thereby fastening together all objects through which it was placed.

Rivets and Armour

Rivets play a critical role in armour construction. Besides welding, it is the primary method with which two plates are affixed to one another. They are used for most types of articulation, as well as immovable connections.