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Ransoms were commonly paid for [[nobility]] captured in [[war|battle]], or as a result of losing [[combat]] in a [[tournament]]. This ransom could be monetary or simply the possessions, [[armour]] and/or [[horse]] of the combatant.
The [[SCA]] tries to recreate this in various ways. One is a special [[melee]] scenario where every [[fighter|combatant]] is given a ransom value and a starting 'fund' (commonly chocolate coins). If a fighter is defeated during the melee, then they must pay their worth in ransom to the victor/s. When the fund can no longer pay a ransom amount, then the fighter must withdraw from the melee.
The ransom value varies according to the rank and positions held by each fighter. Accordingly, [[royal peer]]s are worth more than other [[peer]]s, who are worth more than other fighters. There is a ransom melee each year at the [[William Marshall]] tourney in [[Stormhold]].
Sometimes, a mysterious fairy in the form of [[royalty]] is seen bestowing wealth on those who whose funds are running low, but this can never be proven.

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