Raisiowls (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take swyne lyuoers and see� hem wel. take brede & grate it. and take zolkes of ayrenn. & make hit sowple and do �erto a lytull of lard carnoun lyche a dee. chese gratyd & whyte grece. powdour douce & of gyngur & wynde it to balles as grete as apples. take �e calle of �e swyne & cast euere by hym self �erin. Make a Crust in a trape. and lay �e ball �erin & bake it. and whan �ey buth ynowz: put �erin a layour of ayrenn with powdour fort and Safroun. and serue it forth.

Translation (incomplete)

Take pig flesh and boil it well. Take Bread and grate it. And take yolks of eggs. & make it suptle and add to it a little lard diced, cheese grated and white greece, powder douce of ginger and make it into balls as big as apples. Take the "calle" of the pig & put each in one at a time/by itself. Make a pie crust in a pie dish, and pit the ball into it and bake it. And When they both "ynowz": add a layer of eggs with powder fort and saffron. And serve it forth.


  • Rasyols. Rasiowls, Contents. Qu. the etymen.
  • sowple. supple.
  • carnoun lyche a dee. Cut like dice, diced. Fr. De; singular of Dice.
  • gratyd. grated. igrated, No. 153.
  • wynde it to balles, make it into Balls.
  • euere. each.
  • trape. pan, or dish. French.