Onward Sauron's Soldiers

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This version sourced from The Mangy Mongol songbook, page 72, AS XLIII.

Tune: Onward, Christian Soldiers


Onward, Sauron's soldiers,
Marching off to war
With the Eye of Sauron
Going on before
Darkness like a banner
Shadows all the foe
Forward into battle
See the Nazghul go!

Onward, Sauron's soldiers,
Marching off to war,
With the Eye of Sauron
Going on before.

Trolls and Balrogs mangle,
Dragons burn and bite!
With us you must tangle
Or run and scream in fright!
Evil is our watchword,
Pain is our delight;
Middle-Earth must crumble
Under Mordor's might!


From the dread Dark Tower,
To black Khazad-Dum
We'll send elves and hobbits
Shrieking to their tomb
Men and dwarves together
Go down in defeat.
In the hunger after battle
They'll be good to eat.


Conquer every village!
Yell our battle cry!
"Murder, rape and pillage,
Then spit in their eye!"
See the craven victims
Quivering with fear;
We'll be leaving Mordor
Sometime late next year!