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This version sourced from The [[Mangy Mongol]] songbook, page 93, [[AS XLIII]].
This version sourced from [[The Mangy Mongol songbook]], page 93, [[AS XLIII]].

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This version sourced from The Mangy Mongol songbook, page 93, AS XLIII.


A tender young maid had been courted by many
Of all sorts and trades as ever was any
A fine haberdasher first spa to her fair
Says she "I'll have nothing to do with small ware.

CHORUS: My thing is my own, and I'll keep it so still,
Yet other young lasses may do as they will,
My thing is my own, and I'll keep it apart,
And no man shall have it 'till I have his heart.

A sweet scented courtier did give her a kiss
And promised her mountains if she would be his.
But she'd not believe him, said she "it is true,
Some coutiers promise more than they can do."


A master of music came with an intent
To give her a lesson on his instrument.
She thanks him for nothing, and bid himb e gone,
Says she "My small fiddle shall not be played on."


A sly money lender then came with his cash
But she had no mind to come under his lash
He promised her jew-els and great stash of gold
Said she "I'll not mortgage my little free hold"


A cunning clockmaker did court her as well,
And promised her riches if she'd ring his bell.
She looked at his clockwork, and said with a shock,
"your pendulum is far too small for my clock."


A blunt lieutenant surpris-ed her placket
And speedily started to rifle and sack it.
So she roused herself, and she became bold,
And forced the lieutenant to quit her stronghold.


Now well, I could tell of a hundred or more
Besides all the gamsters recited before
Who made their addresses in hopes of a snap,
But young as she was, she did understand trap.