Mery yt ys

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Mery Yt Ys Abc notation

T:Mery yt ys
N:remove *s for compatibility with abc 1.6 M:4/4
Q: % tempo
A A D | E F G E/C/ | G F<D C-|C A A D |
w:Mery yt ys whil sumer y-last* with fughe-les song;* Oc! Now negh-
E F G E/C/ | G F<D C-|C z A B | (3A/G/F/ G/A/ F D |
w:eth wind-ès blast* and we-der strong!* Ey! Ey! What--* this-* night ys
C2 A B | (3A/G/F/ G/A/ F D | C2 F E/G/ | F<D D<C-| C2 F E/G/ |
w:long and I wit--* wel-* much-el wrong. Sor-we and mur-ne and fast.* Sor-we and
F<D D<C-|C3 z|]
w:mur-ne and fast.