House Arkham

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The Household of Phelonious Arkham, commonly known as "House Arkham", is a group of friends that camps and works together in the SCA. They share common interests of Archery, Combat Archery, Service, A&S, Siege, Merchanting and many other things. No one has ever admitted to meeting the person who the House is named after but rumors whispered mention an infamous asylum.....

Members of Arkham live mostly in the Barony of the Steppes and the Barony of Elfsea of Ansteorra. There are inactive members in the Barony of Grey Niche in Gleann Abhann and two Honorary Members who live in Drachenwald.

Events that you will usually find House Arkham members include any event in Central Ansteorra, Gulf Wars and any major Archery competitions in Ansteorra.