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The word "Hold" can be called by anyone (including spectators) as a safety measure during combat. If anything unsafe is seen, such as part of armour coming loose, a sword breaking, or a dog/small child running onto the field, the word HOLD must be called. Upon being called, all combatants must drop to one knee and repeat the call (so those who may not have heard it hear it). If you are an archer, you must un-nock any arrows, and hold your bow above your head. If you are a heavy, your weapon must be held high above your head.

The 'hold' call applies to war and tournament fighting, and target archery/combat archery.

Please note: if you see anything that you think might potentially be a dangerous situation, do not hesitate to call a Hold yourself. It is much better to be wrong, and a bit of time wasted, than to be too embarrassed and let somebody get hurt.