Gulf Wars

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Gulf Wars is a week long war traditionally between the Kingdom of Ansteorra and Kingdom of Trimaris. It takes place at Kings Arrow Ranch in Lumberton, Mississippi, and is hosted by the Principality of Gleann Abhann of Meridies.

Heavy Weapons, Rapier ( most if not all battles are fought with epee ), Archery, Equestrian, Coursing, Art/Sci and Live Weapons are all counted for war points; Youth Combat is also available, but is not currently a war point.

Attendance is currently three-to-four thousand, and come from almost every kingdom of the Knowne World. Classes are also available, as well as an Artisan's Row ( a note: Gulf Wars has a lot of Middle Eastern Classes available, since there is a Middle Eastern Encampment offering classes ).

In 2005 ( GW 14 ), there was an announcement that the GW 15 would be a four kingdom war, as Gleann Abhann would shortly become a kingdom of it's own right. At the end of each Gulf Wars Knowne World Court, the four kingdoms ( Ansteorra, Trimaris, Meridies, and Gleann Abhann ) would roll dice, and the highest rolling and lowest rolling kingdoms would be allied against the other two kingdoms. Gleann Abhann will continue to host.