Great Southern Gathering

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The Great Southern Gathering (GSG) is an annual SCA weekend event, traditionally held over the September-October long weekend in the Kingdom of Lochac. The hosting group is rotated annually between Innilgard, Ynys Fawr and Krae Glas.

The original charter decribes the intent as to "have fun, learn stuff and get together. A casual atmosphere is to be aimed for." The focus of the event is primarily directed around the Arts and Sciences and Rapier combat, with classes and activities for heavy combatants if there is interest.

Event Structure

The basic intent is to have a shared event between the three groups that encourages people from southern Lochac to visit and engage with each other for a relaxed weekend each year. While the event rotates host groups each year, it is common for members of other southern groups to provide assistance to the stewarding team to promote inter-Baronial cooperation.

On a typical GSG, a soup kitchen will be ran on the Friday night for arrivals, classes and activities will begin in the morning, with garb optional up until the start of the feast on Saturday night. This has the advantage of keeping luggage weight low for interstate travellers and allowing people to wear clothes that may get dirty during classes (i.e., pottery).

Sunday is a popular day for Guild of Defence Prizes and Rapier tournaments. The dinner on Sunday night is generally provided from various forms of comfort food that may or may not be period, past examples have included baked potatoes and bean chilli.

External Links

There is a continual GSG website that provides information and class notes across the years which is available here