Ghee (recipe)

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Clarified butter, used in a lot of Indian cooking. It is salt and lactose free, although use it with moderation since it is 100% butterfat. You would probably feel your arteries thickening upon contact with it if you used too much.

  1. At a very low heat melt 1kg of organic, unsalted butter (which is how it would have been in medjeeval times anyway). Make sure it does not burn. If you see any smoke or ripples on the surface of the butter, turn it down!!
  2. Once melted, slightly increase the heat, still looking out for any scorching.
  3. Remain at this point for approximately an hour checking often but not disturbing it. You will see the milk solids sinking, and foam at the top. Do not disturb this foam.
  4. After an hour, let it cool about 15 mins.
  5. Carefully skim any remaining foam or floating substances off the top.
  6. Filter the remaining clear liquid into a clean jar. You may use cheesecloth, coffee filter or paper towel as a filter.
  7. Cover and store in a cool place.