Eowtes of Flessh (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury

Take Borage, cool. langdebef. persel. betes. orage. auance. violet. saueray. and fenkel. and whane þey buth sode; presse hem wel smale. cast hem in gode broth an seeþ hem. and serue hem forth.


  • Eowtes. Lowtes, No. 88, where, in the process, it is Rowtes. Quære the meaning, as Roots does not apply to the matter of the Recipe. In No. 73 it is written owtes.
  • Cole, or colewort.
  • Langdebef. Bugloss, buglossum sylvestre. These names all arise from a similitude to an ox's tongue. V. Ms. Ed. No. 43.
  • Persel. Parsley.
  • orage. Orach, Atriplex. Miller, Gard. Dict.
  • auance. Fortè Avens. V. Avens, in Gloss.
  • violet. The leaves probably, and not the flower.
  • saueray'. Savory.
  • Fenkel. Fennil.


Take Borage (leaf) colewort, bugloss, parsley, orach, 'fortè Avens', violet, savory and fennil and when they are sodden; press them well small. Cast them in good broth and seethe them. And serve them forth.