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== Post upgrade tests ==
== Post upgrade tests ==
Testing. No schema changes?
== automatic gallery generation ==
== automatic gallery generation ==

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Note: This is the "Sandbox". If you want to test out some formatting or play around you can do so here.


checking... 123. nothing has exploded.


Newbie testing please ignore.


text here is a link to something known heraldry and something unknown squigglemoose

voice heraldry voice_heraldry Bold text fancy my site Example.jpg <-- image

lets see how it goes.


spam filer test



This all looks good. SCA

test commit


Test commit: ahoy

non spam link

test commit

Post upgrade tests


Testing. No schema changes?

automatic gallery generation


please leave as is for a day or two -- will get back to it. --Simoncursitor 09:50, 3 Jun 2005 (CDT)

The competing claims to the Scottish throne ran back through five generations, commencing with David I, king between 1124CE and 1153.

David married Matilda, the daughter of the Earl of Huntingdon. Their son was Henry who inherited the earldom, and married Ada or Adela, daughter of the Earl of Surrey.
Henry and Adela's son was David, named for his grandfather, who also became Earl of Huntingdon, and who also married a Matilda, in this case the daughter of the Earl of Chester.
This David had no sons, but two daughters. The elder, Isobel, married Robert Bruce, lord and Annandale, whose son, grandson, and great-grandson, were all named Robert, and this last Robert it was who claimed the throne on Queen Margaret's death.
David's younger daughter was named Margarent, and she married Alan, Lord of Galloway. Their daughter, Devorguilla, married John Balliol, and his son, also John, through his mother, claimed the throne.