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If you need help take a look at the help page.

Who owns this site?

Depending on your point of view the site is owned either by everyone or by no-one. Originally, the site was maintained by the College of St Monica and is served from the server but its content has been edited by many people from many groups. No one person or organisation can claim ownership of any given article on Cunnan.

I found errors in an article, who do I contact?

It depends on the error, but you generally have two choices:

  • You can try to correct the article yourself by going back to it and clicking on the "edit this page" link. You might want to read about editing before you do so.
  • Or, If you think someone else should do the fixing, then you should leave a note on the Village pump.

What's to stop vandals from destroying the site?

Several things. The comunity can watch for vandals and revert any changes they make. Additionally, admins can block vandals from making edits, and undo any changes a vandal has made with a single mouse click.

What's to stop this wiki from becoming a boring stagnant pond?

Well written and newcomer friendly articles that are updated by regular users. There is nothing wrong with adding humour to an article so long as its to the point and isn't the only thing an article contains.
Since anyone can edit the wiki pages shouldn't ever become stale.

I found an article that only concerns a small group.

When Cunnan first started it was only used by a very small group of people (mostly members of the College of St Monica). There are still quite a few pages from that time that are only relevant to a few people, but have never been re-written or removed because they don't conflict with what anyone else wants to write.

Also, Cunnan welcomes people from all medieval re-enactment groups - however, most contributors are members of the SCA, so there is a very heavy bias towards SCA relevant information.

I found information copied from another publication!


Who wrote a particular article?

The first thing you should do is check the article's history. you can do this by going to the article in question and following the "Page History" link, which should be located at the bottom and side of each page (assuming you have changed you preferences. This will show you a list of all changes to a page and who made them (this is never included in an article itself). If the information in an article wasn't written specifically for Cunnan (i.e. it was previously published elsewhere) then there should be a notice at the end of the article giving a source (more details below)

Information previously published elsewhere

It is ok, and encouraged, for information previously published elsewhere to be included in Cunnan so long as the Author/copyright holder gave permission and the following message appears at the end of the article: "This article is based on an original article by personXYZ. You can find a copy of the original at urlXYZ." If you have found an article that you think violates this rule then you should leave a note on the Village pump.