Crown tournament

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Twice a year there is a mighty tournament, called the Crown Tournament where the toughest and best fighters do combat. The victor gains the right to 'rule' as 'King' or 'Queen' for the next 6 months. Their chosen consort becomes their Queen or possibly king (IF a female fighter wins). There has been one Queen by right of arms in the SCA, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. She defeated her husband (and consort) in the final. Several ladies have won Coronet Tournies. The Lochac Crown Tourney in May 2003 will be held here in Melbourne, sponsored by the Shire of Arrowsreach at a location in Mt Evelyn. The other crown tourney will be held in November in Perth.

A couple of months later, the fighter and consort who wins the tournament is invested as king and queen. These happen at 12th Night (early January) and Midwinter Coronation (held on one of the first two weekends in July). The next Midwinter Coronation is to be held in the Canton of Stowe-on-Wold, in the north-western suburbs of Sydney