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<td>[[Scotts Gaelic]]</td>
<td>[[Scots Gaelic]]</td>

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Counts in the SCA

The title Count is awarded to someone who has completed a reign over a kingdom. The honorific for a count is "Your Excellency". After a second reign, they may be awarded the title Duke.

Alternate Titles

The SCA recognises the following alternate titles in other languages as the equivalent to Count:

Language Alternate Form
Albanian Kont
Arabic Qadi
Catalan Comte
Czech Hrab
Danish Greve/Jarl
Dutch Graaf
Estonian Krahv
Finnish Kreivi/Jaarli
French Comte
German Graf
Greek Komes
Hebrew Shilton
Hungarian Foispan/Grof
Icelandic Greifi
Irish Gaelic Cunta/Iarla
Italian Conte
Latin Comes
Middle Norwegian Greifi
Old English Eorl
Old Norse Jarl/Greifi
Polish Hrabia
Portuguese Conde
Romanian Conte
Russian Kniaz
Scots Gaelic Iarla
Spanish Conde
Swedish Greve
Turkish Kont/Beylerbey
Welsh Iarll/Gwledig