Book heraldry

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Book heraldry refers to the various activites involved in researching and registering names and devices in the SCA.

Activities of a book herald include:

  • Individual consultation: helping a client research and choose a name, device, or sometimes an entire persona.
  • Working with groups to develop and register group heraldry or award badges.
  • Running consultation tables at events or meetings.
  • Helping clients go through the paperwork and administrative process required to register a name and device in the SCA.
  • Teaching the basics of device and name heraldry to the populace.
  • Helping a client in aquiring or creating graphics for the device part of submission forms.
  • Teaching and explaining the SCA's rules for heraldic submission and registration.
  • Commenting on Letters of Intent - this is where heralds give their input to the names and devices submitted to a Kingdom.
  • Run heraldry meetings for the purpose of commenting, consultation, or both.
  • Experienced SCA heralds may research and develop classes and documents about heraldry that can be used by other heralds and the populace as tools for their own heraldic activities.
  • Book heralds who hold an office may have other duties and probably some reporting requirements (paperwork).

Book heraldry is an activity as well as a job, and anyone can do it. One need not have an official title or office to help someone with a submission, comment on Letters of Intent, or work at a consultation table. However, accepting name and device submissions also means accepting money from the client. Most kingdoms limit this activity to officers or warranted heralds that have kingdom approval. Heralds doing consultation work should take care to direct the client to their nearest office-holding herald when it is time to actually submit paperwork, or check with your kingdom herald to ask about who is permitted to accept submission fees.