Barony of Stormhold

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The Barony Of Stormhold is the SCA's name for most of Melbourne, Australia. The Barony has three Cantons and a College. The Canton of Dubh Thrainn covers the northern suburbs, the Canton of Krae Glas covers the south-east suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and Western Gippsland, the Canton of Bryn a Mor covers the Bass Coast and southern Gippsland, and the College of St Monica is located at Monash University's Clayton campus (therefore coming under the aegis of Krae Glas).

The Barony is headed up by a Baron and Baroness. The current Baron and Baroness, Master Gwynfor Lwyd & Baroness Gwir verch Madog, are the 5th couple to hold the Barony for the Crown. Stormhold is the largest, and probably most active, SCA group in the Kingdom of Lochac.