Barony of Ildhafn

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Ildhafn is a Barony encompassing Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand. The Hamilton region is known as the Canton of Cluain.

Ildhafn was elevated to Baronial status on the 21st of June A.S. XXXVIII by Cornelius and Morwynna, with Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin and Marienna Jensdatter as founding Baron and Baroness.

The Barony of Ildhafn was founded in 1994 in Auckland New Zealand when Marienna Jensdatter put a notice in a local games store, calling a meeting of interested parties to form an SCA group in Auckland. She had just returned from Canturbury Faire. The first meeting was held in a coffee store, and was attended by Marienna Jensdatter, Thyra Haroldsdottir, Cicilia Lyon, Inigo Missaglia, Lucrezia-Isabella di Freccia, Eleyne de Comnocke, Stefano d'Urbino [Please add/remove names from this list]. Estrid Henningsdatter was also involved from the very beginning.

Roheisa le Sarjent visited the group that was forming in Hamilton (Cloudy River) and a sizeable group went down to meet with her. She taught us a little of everything, and gave our group a really good base to start from.

Our first event was the Bloth held at mid-winter at the Univerity of Auckland functions room. It was small and a lot of fun. We even had some people who came just to help clean up. The next year we moved across the road to the crypt at St. Pauls. The Bloth cntinued there for many years and hosted two weddings (Eleanor du Pre and Geoffey Lineye, and Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin and Marienna Jensdatter).

Our annual camping event began as the Border War, and was hosted alternately with Cloudy River on Labour Weekend for a number of years. It then transformed into St. Catherine's Faire and moved to a weekend later in November.

Twelvth Night was held for 9 years in Eleyne's mother's garden, but has to find a new home as she has sold her house and moved to browner pastures in Wanaka. In 2004 it was held at the Lions' Hall in Waterview, where many small events are held.

May Day has been held most years, but has not been held for a couple of years now.

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