Yarrow (Askham)

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This is the entry for yarrow from Askham's Herbal.

Milefolium major.

Thys herbe is called Milfoyle, the great or yarowe. King Achilles founde this herbe, and with it he healed his men who were wounded with yron, for woundes stampe this herbe with swines grece, and playster it to the wounde & it shall heale it, and the same is good for an ache in the breast or syde, it is good for them that may not pysse, take the joyce of this herbe and vyneger & drink it, and mervelously it helpeth a wounde, that hathe taken colde. Stampe this herbe in butter and laye it to the wounde, and it will hele it wel. Also to digest the stomack or that lieth ther in, take the joice of it and medle it with water and hony, and drynke it warme. Also for diseases in the bodye, take the pouder and medle it with wine or with good ale, & drynke it and it helpeth much. Also it is good for heart brennynge. Also for the head ache stampe this herbe and playster it to the head. Also for biting of a woode dogge, stampe this herbe with the graynes of wheate & it healeth it. Also for him that may not holde his meat, stampe this herbe with wyne and drynke it warme.