Vom Tag

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The phrase vom Tag means "from the roof". It could also be spelt vom Tage, vom Tach or vom Tage. It generally indicates a high guard.

Sword and Buckler

This is the name used to describe the 4th Ward (of seven) in the I.33 fechtbuch (Original Latin: Capiti). This is generally depicted as right foot back, left hand holding the buckler in front and a 45 degree angle to the left and the sword hilt held above the head with the blade pointed backwards, either parallel to the ground or pointing slightly down.


The counters most appropriate to adopt against this ward are:


The guard is specifically named as one of the Vier Leger for longswords. This guard can be taken from either the left or right hand side.

The guard most comfortable for a right handed person is left foot forward, both and both hands on the hilt, with the blade held just back from vertical and the long edge forward. The cross guard should be at approximately cheek height, although some do hold it lower.