Violet (Askham)

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This is the entry for violet from Askham's Herbal


Violet is colde in the firste degre, and moist in the .ii. For blaste in the eyes, take the rootes of Violets, and stampe them with Mir and Saffron, and at night lay it to the sore eyes. Also for a wound in the head, stampe the leve of Violets with hony and vyneger and playster it to the wounde and it shall heale it. And so for them that may not siepe for sickenesse, seethe this herbe in water, and at even let him soke well hys feete in the water to the ancles, whan he goeth to bed, bind of this herbe to his temples & he shal slepe wel by the grace of God. Take Violets, Mirre & Saffron and mak a plaister and lay to the sore eyes that be swollen, & it shall cease aking and bate the swelling.