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Arms: Julianna Wilkins

SCAdian Name: Julianna Wylkyns
Name Approved: December 2006
Device Approved: Submitted May 2007 LoI (Pending)

Household: The Leaky Dinghy
Barony: Barony of Sundragon
Kingdom: Atenveldt

Note: I'd LOVE to Align=Left that device up there, and chuck all that info to the right of it. (Note from Cian: done :^))
Omgosh MLord Cian, Eye Lurv Ewe! I would thank you directly, but as you can probably surmise, I DON'T KNOW HOW!! /hug/

Started playing at Estrella War XXII (2006) and founding member of the Pirate Household The Leaky Dinghy. Having raised to Captaincy in only 2 short years, Julianna spends her time looting, pillagin, plundering spreading awareness of the SCA through general mayhem the intarwebz.

Currently Working On

Barony of Sundragon
Barony of Atenveldt
Barony of Twin Moons
Brymstone College
Shire of Iron Wood Loch

later use

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