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My name is Jibra'il `Attar, a mid-sixteenth century Safavid Persian currently residing in the Shire of Deodar in the Kingdom of Calontir. Among my many interests and pursuits are: costuming, heraldry, glass bead making, herbalism, 'kumihimo' (Japanese cord braiding), target archery, and rapier combat.


One of my favorite things to do in the SCA is teach...especially when it comes to teaching Newcomers to the Society. I currently teach the following classes at various RUSH events:

  • Introduction to SCA Heraldry
  • SCA Newcomer's Survival Guide to Camping
  • Sumptuary Laws & Customs of Calontir
  • Basic Persona Development
  • Heraldic Badges: What Are They & How To Use Them
  • Introduction to Glass Bead Making

Alternate Personas

  • Jedediah Glasmon (London, England)

-- Glasmon is in reference to my liking of glasswork...and I've always liked the name Jedidiah.

  • Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi (Florence, Italy)

-- This has been my primary SCA persona up until September which point I switched to Jibra'il.


I also have informally started a personal Household within the Society, the Compagnia dell'Arcangelo Gabriele (or Company of the Archangel Gabriel). The Compagnia is founded upon the structure of the lay confraternities of Renaissance Italy, while focusing on the chivalric values of Chivalry (Courage), Honor (Honesty), Courtesy (Magnanimity), Charity (Generosity, Largesse), Justice (Mercy), Faith (Hope), and Humility (Nobility). These ideals I believe carry a lot of weight and bear great importance to what I believe to be appropriate for courtiers within the SCA.

The Compagnia is also gearing more towards a service Household. The current concept that is being worked with is that the Compagnia will one day be a page school for adult newcomers to the Society. More information as further developments take place....

Aside from myself, this Household consists of two other individuals at this time:

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