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From all the choices of belief systems that are available within Scadia for Scadian personas, there is actually no mention about Atheism anywhere on Cunnan. How discrimating?!

I would like this discrimination issue to be fixed up! - ScotaLaureate

  • Such is the way of the wiki. If you feel something is lacking, then add it. For now, people have only added persona advice for those religions etc. that they know about and they feel that a sufficient number of people will actually need. If you think people in the SCA and other groups need to know what it was like to be an aethist in medieval society, then by all means, add a page for aethism. Because of the SCA's policy on religion, I am yet to see much evidence of any members exercising their persona's religious habits, be it Catholicism or aethism! - Cian Gillebhrath