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Hi. I am David, aka DJ, aka Vermin. As I might be seeing some of my old triskellian mates in the next week or so, I was inspired to google "House Three Skulls" and lo and behold I stumbled upon this page. I was shocked, nay, STUNNED to find that "my" holiday not only persists, but has been immortalized in webdom. Having noted the note "October 15th, or Insult the size of Vermins genetalia day. The roots of this one are rather obscure." notation, I will take it upon my self to deobfuscate the holiday. The story is, frankly, rather simple.

The date was, of course, October 15. The year I cannot say, though it must have been circa 1989. I was in attendance at a H3S commons, and happened to be sitting more or less right next to our noble chieftan. For reasons lost to the mists of time, a disproportionate number of people seemed to enjoy making "small member" jokes at my expense. I did my best to endure with a smile and give back as good as I got, knowing that the barbs were all intended in good-natured cameraderie. Still, after 5 or 6 of these exchanges, I was a bit flummoxed as to why I was finding myself the subject of such a barrage. Exasperated, I (rather stupidly, in hindsight), turned to our proud leader and blurted "WHEN exactly did October 15th become "insult the size of Vermin's genitalia day"?!?!?

Well, our good and (mostly) benevolent potentate has a ribald and bizarre sense of humor, and my question seemed to present an opportunity to not only continue to watch me be mercilessly assaulted, but to invite the verbal torrent to reccur each year on that date. In addition, the very phrasing of "insult the size of Vermin's genitalia day" seemed to bear a quirky sort of bemusement, and Turk wasted not more than a moment of consideration before loudly and "offically" designating that October 15 was indeed theretofore a day to be held in infame as the deignated date upon which me manbits were to be denigrated. And there you have the story of October 15th, a date that shall haunt me until my spirit is freed from my mortal shell. Thanks for reading and in the interest of fairness, I should go on record that I have not had any complaints from any partners, including some who were participating in the inception of the holiday. So there.