Snakeroot (Askham)

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This is the entry for snakeroot from Askham's Herbal.

Aristologia rotun.

This herbe Aristologia rotunda men do call it Galengale meke, the vertue of this herbe is thus as ypocras doth say, if the sayde herbe be dronken with hoote water, then it is medicinable, and curable for those men that be stopped in the breast, and for the swellinge evell, and for the goute, & for the crampe, this herbe is hoote and drye, & it must be gathererd in harvest and it is a spice of the read Madder. Also this herbe is verye goode for womens diseases, and topelleth the dead chyld, and all other evell humours that are inconvenient with in the matryce of a woman, yf it be dronke with mirre and pepper.