Sawge y farced (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take sawge. grynde it and temper it up with ayrenn. a saweyster & kerf hym to gobettes and cast it in a possynet. and do �erwi� grece & frye it. Whan it is fryed ynowz cast �erto sawge with ayren make it not to harde. cast �erto powdour douce, messe it forth. If it be in Ymber day; take sauge butter & ayrenn. and lat it stonde wel by �e sause, & serue it forth.


  • saweyster. Qu.
  • stonde wel by the sause. Become thick with the sawce.


(tentative, incomplete) Take sage. Grind it and temper it up with eggs. A 'sawester' and cut it to gobettes and cast it into a posset. And do herewith greece and fry it. When it is fried ynowz cast thereto sage with eggs and make it not hard. Cast thereto powder douce and serve it forth. If it be an Ember day take sage butter and eggs and let it become thick with the sauce, and serve it forth.