Sause Sarzyne (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take heppes and make hem clene. take Almaundes blaunched, frye hem in oile and bray hem in a morter with heppes. drawe it up with rede wyne, and do þerin sugur ynowhz with Powdour sort, lat it be stondyng, and alay it with flour of Rys. and colour it with alkenet and messe it forth. and florish it with Pomme garnet. If þou wilt in flesshe day. seeþ Capouns and take the brawnn and tese hem smal and do þerto. and make the lico of þis broth.


  • Sawse Sarzyne. Sause. Contents. Saracen, we prefume, from the nation or people. There is a Recipe in Ms. Ed. No. 54 for a Bruet of Sarcynesse, but there are no pomgranates concerned.
  • lico. liquor.